Use AI in Lightroom : Photo editing

Use AI in Lightroom : Photo editing

Ever wished for a faster, more precise way to edit portraits in Lightroom? Adobe’s latest update delivers just that with powerful AI features! This article dives into these exciting tools and explores how you can leverage them to streamline your workflow and achieve stunning results.

AI in Lightroom: Say Goodbye to Tedious Masking

Gone are the days of meticulous manual masking. Lightroom’s AI can now automatically detect and select people in your photos. This means you can target specific areas like facial skin, eyebrows, or even teeth for individual adjustments. Imagine the time saved selecting bridesmaids with slightly excessive tans or subtly reducing redness in someone’s skin!

Targeted Edits: Achieve Perfection with Precision

Use AI in Lightroom : Photo editing

The magic doesn’t stop at selection. Once you’ve chosen your target area, you can make precise adjustments using Lightroom’s sliders. Want to brighten skin, reduce texture, or cool down a tan? It’s all possible with a few clicks.

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Embrace Efficiency: Create Custom Brushes for Speed

While AI selection is fantastic, you can take it a step further. Designate specific brushes for commonly used edits like skin smoothing. When paired with AI selection, these brushes become incredibly efficient, allowing you to apply targeted adjustments in no time.

The Art of Balance: Creativity with a Touch of Realism

These powerful tools open a world of creative possibilities. However, it’s important to maintain a sense of realism. Remember, the goal is to enhance, not replace, natural beauty. Use your judgment to ensure your edits remain believable and avoid creating overly processed results.

Ready to Dive In? Free Resources and Next Steps

Use AI in Lightroom : Photo editing

Excited to explore these new features? The article offers a free downloadable brush (check the content for the link) to kickstart your journey. Additionally, it encourages you to experiment and create your own custom brushes for even faster editing.

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Embrace the Future of Portrait Editing

Lightroom’s AI features are a game-changer for portrait photographers. With their ease of use and efficiency, they empower you to achieve professional-looking results in record time. So, unleash your creativity, explore the possibilities, and let AI assist you in crafting stunning portraits.

Intelligent Content Suggestions and Tagging

AI-driven content suggestions and tagging features in Lightroom streamline organization and retrieval of images, making it easier than ever to manage large photo libraries. By analyzing image content and metadata, Lightroom can suggest relevant keywords, tags, and categories, facilitating efficient organization and search.

Use AI in Lightroom : Photo editing


In conclusion, the integration of AI technology in Lightroom represents a significant advancement in the field of photo editing, offering photographers unprecedented creative possibilities and workflow efficiencies. By leveraging AI-driven auto-adjustments, creative effects, and workflow optimizations, photographers can elevate their editing process and achieve stunning results with ease.

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Related FAQ’s

How does AI enhance the editing process in Lightroom?

AI enhances the editing process in Lightroom by intelligently analyzing images and applying automated adjustments for optimal results. From exposure and color balance to object recognition and creative effects, AI-driven technologies streamline workflows and enhance creativity.

How does AI assist in batch processing in Lightroom?

AI assists in batch processing in Lightroom by automating repetitive tasks such as resizing, renaming, and exporting images. This streamlines editing workflows and saves time, particularly when processing large numbers of images from a photoshoot.

What are the new AI features in Lightroom?

The latest update introduces AI-powered tools within the brush option of the Develop module. These tools can automatically detect and select people in your photos, allowing for targeted edits on specific areas like skin, eyebrows, or even teeth.

How does AI selection benefit me?

AI selection saves you time and effort compared to manual masking. It lets you easily target specific areas on people in your photos for individual adjustments.

What kind of edits can I make with these tools?

You can adjust various aspects like brightening skin, reducing texture, cooling down tans, reducing redness, and smoothing blemishes.

Do I need to use the downloadable brush provided?

No, it’s completely optional. The downloadable brush offers a basic skin smoothing preset, but you can create your own presets for frequently used edits.

How can I avoid edits looking unrealistic?

While these tools offer vast creative possibilities, remember to maintain a sense of balance. Use your judgment to ensure your edits enhance natural beauty and avoid creating overly processed results.

Where can I learn more about these features?

Experiment with the tools yourself! The article provides a basic overview, but hands-on exploration will help you master them. Additionally, online resources and tutorials might offer in-depth explanations and further creative inspiration.

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